Monthly archives: June, 2016

Hotel in Kensington early summer planting

Delicate, naturalistic perennials soften these fresh and contemporary planters.  Subtly contrasting forms of unusual Heucheras and Fuchsias.  Heucheras provide delicate silvery leaf markings with elegant dusty pink or vibrant cherry red spires.  Fuchsias provide foliage in muted pinky greys and zinging yellowy green.                     Hotel in Kensington early summer planting

Corn meadow Northamptonshire

Corn meadow was seeded after the late snow melted in April in this Northamptonshire front garden.The aim was to replace tired roses and lavenders with instant colour suitable for the poor soil which would attract bees and butterflies. Despite the windswept site and the dry early summer, the meadow thrived and came into full flower