Bushy Park historic garden

Emma was commissioned to design a new garden for this historic residence in its parkland setting of over an hectare in The Royal Park at Hampton.

Avenue of Yew hedge crescents

A masterplan was prepared for the high walled formal front garden and the informal rear overlooking The Royal Park with its water canal and  newly restored Cascade.


Specialists were consulted to restore the oval pool and install a jet fountain, to carry out treework, re-establish the extensive lawns, advise on the soil and drainage, lighting and irrigation.

New lawns and restored oval pool

Extensive structural planting was prioritised including over 300 Box cubes for the parterre and sculptural garden, nearly 200 Yew hedging specimens, over 100 Beech hedging plants, 6 fastigate tree specimens and a quincunx of ornamental trees.

Staggered Yew hedging

Along the damp haha at the rear 80 Willows were planted to provide an informal boundary and complement the pool and the Cascade and canals of The Royal Park.

Willow planting at the rear

More to follow later …