Let Emma take the stress out of designing your garden

Qualified, professional and impartial garden design service

Please contact Emma to discuss the benefits of using a professional garden designer.

Emma charges an hourly/daily fee (design fee or reduced on site/planting fee) for her time.  The fee for each stage of work is quoted and agreed in advance.

The client contracts the agreed landscaper, lighting or water feature specialist, tree surgeon etc or contracts their own builder directly (Emma does not take commission).

Emma deliberately limits the number of projects so that she can be on hand to provide a personal service, delivered on time and on budget.

How I work as a garden designer:

– prepare the garden design plan
– prepare the specification, check the landscapers’ quotes and oversee their work on your behalf
– prepare the planting plan, lighting or irrigation plans, water feature or construction drawings; recommend a tree surgeon and apply for Planning if needed.
– supply plants, furniture, containers etc and plant with maintenance notes for you or your gardener
– followup visits as requested.

Each step is quoted and agreed in advance.

Emma does not take commission from contractors so provides an impartial service using your preferred or tried & tested landscaper etc.  A landscaper may provide a ‘free’ design but the onus will be on you to check the specification, quote, materials workmanship etc.