Box blight is now endemic across London and much of the UK affecting Buxus topiary, hedging and edging. Prevention and treatment is complex and constantly evolving involving the use of organic and chemical fungicides, fertilisers, new planting, maintenance and topiary techniques.  Recent developments include a proprietary fertiliser which cures and immunises even affected Buxus.

With Emma’s advice, it should not be necessary to dig up or even cut back your affected plants; in fact creating pruning cuts should be avoided since they are entry points for the disease.

Having lived and professionally practised horticulture in London and the Home Counties for 15 years, Emma is able to successfully treat and prevent Box both forms of Box blight and other Box pests and diseases.

Contact Emma for a consultancy visit or online advice including diagnosis, biological and/or chemical control, prevention and the use of alternative disease resistant varieties and plants.

Box blight treatment