At Chiltern Forage Farm we are encouraging wildlife by creating wildlife habitats such as a ‘dead hedges’, leaving dead trees where they fall when it’s safe or relocating in secluded shaded areas if needed.  By removing the grazing sheep in favour of limited forage cuts, wildlife are feeding and living in the meadows and grasses.  Muntjac, rabbits, voles, birds etc create runs, resting places, dens, and nests. A pair of pheasants are spending the summer here.  These habitats are particularly important given the prevalence of red kites and badgers in The Chilterns.

Remains of dead cherry tree provides a large log pile

Dead cherry tree lies where it fell years ago

Small mammal hole, potentially vole

Sun bathing spot for muntjacs

Carefully staggered meadow flaying to limit disturbance to wildlife and change cutting times to allow seeds to set at alternative times of the year

Squirrel damage to mature hornbeam trunk

Muntjac tracks