Emma’s talk at the Royal Horticulture Society (RHS) London Winter Show gave visitors tips and inspiration for creating winter interest in their gardens.

Visitors learnt how to create a naturalistic winter garden using trees with interesting bark and silhouettes, shrubs with coloured stems, scented flowers and colourful ground cover. The effect of creating tiers and layers of structural hedging, topiary combined with informal shrubs and ornamental grasses was illustrated. Techniques were explained which can be adapted to rural and urban planting on large and small scales.

These ground level and aerial views of Emma’s walled terrace garden in snow clearly show the importance of design and structural planting. Interest is held by the tiers of structural hedging, topiary and shrubs and the skeletal outlines of the trees rather than the flat planes of the neighbour’s gardens.

Creeping Rosemary, Box topiary and Beech hedge in snowstructural plants in garden designstructural planting in terraced garden