Emma was commissioned to advise on the Planning, implementation and maintenance of the landscaping for a new mixed-use 11 storey development beside The City and a short walk from the Tower of London.

The biodiverse brown roof was seeded in 2018 above Rockwell East, the contemporary design-led aparthotel of 57 serviced apartments.  As well as housing solar PV panels, the roof offers breathtaking views of Tower Bridge and The Shard.

Wildlife habitats include basking stones, shelter logs and pebble mulch; bat boxes, house martin nest boxes and sparrow terraces.

Native wildflowers include Oxeye Daisies, Kidney Vetch, Bladder Campion, Common Toadflax, Clover, Oxford Ragwort.  Plants were selected to provide a protected seedbed for birds, bats and insects, and feeding ground for bees and other pollinators over an extended season.

Aldgate sustainable development brown roof